Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coupons: friend or foe?

 I love coupons.  

I probably use them every day.  From everything from clothing to food if I can I will use a coupon.  I never leave the house without my file-a-fold that houses and organizes the plethora of coupons I have.  Over the years I know my obsession with the paper discounts have saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  With that being said I wonder how many dollars I have spent because I had a coupon to use?

 If I see a coupon is going to expire soon I will pop in to see if there is something I need (okay, maybe want).  I know I am feeding in to exactly what the corporate bosses who send me the coupons want me to do but, I love to shop.  So then the question becomes would I have gone out and spent the money even if I did not have the coupon? So then the coupon is saving me money after all. 

I guess like all things in life it is about finding the balance.  Balancing what I want and what I need.  

Since becoming a wife and a mother finding the balance has become easier, almost effortless.  My priorities are no longer the newest handbag or pair of boots.  I still buy shoes a bit out of control but now they are a size 4 and look adorable on my little girl.


 So in my life I guess coupons are my friend, okay maybe occasionally a frenemy. I just have to make sure that I try every day to find the balance between want and need…with file-a-fold in hand of course.

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