About Me

Hi, I am a stay at home mom to three beautiful girls named Pyper, Chloe, and Bailey.  We had three little girls in under three years, no twins, so life in our house is always an adventure.  They are the most adorable, funny, smart, and beautiful little people I know (not that I am biased at all).  I am married to my best friend.  His name is Callum and he is from England, and yes everything he says does sound better with the accent.  We met working and traveling the world on cruise ships.  It was a magical life and a wonderful experience we will cherish forever but we needed to be on land to move forward in our life together.  We settled on Seattle, where I am from, and have built an even more magical life together here.  I worked as a floral designer before I chose to stay home with our daughter and now I use my home as my creative outlet.  My house is constantly being tweaked, furniture rearranged, accessories swapped around, and I would not have it any other way.  So that’s a little about me, stay tuned for lots more to come!