Saturday, March 12, 2011

We're Moving!

My family and I currently rent a two bedroom townhouse.  We love the area we are in, ( 5 minutes from Mom, our favorite babysitter), but we have just outgrown our space.  Periodically while scanning Craigslist for fun furniture finds I check out the rentals.  Our criteria if we were to move was that it has to have a workshop space for me, yay!, a big fenced in yard for Pyper, and another bedroom for future baby #2.  My husband luckily is flexible and more or less lets me take the lead on these decisions.  Also we didn't want to spend much more than we were already spending because we want to be able to save as much as possible so we can buy our own house in the not so far off future.

I was scanning today and a listing popped out at me.  We went and took a look and liked what we saw.  It is an older rambler so it has a few aesthetic quirks, plus the bedrooms and closets are smaller than what we have now but the garage is HUGE, like built to house a boat and a car plus store tons of stuff huge.  I will be able to store all my goodies, i.e. my ever growing holiday decor, and have tons of space to store and work on my furniture projects.  He had me at the garage before I even stepped inside.  The outside was great too.  It has a nice big fenced in yard perfect for kids.  A big backyard is a rarity around here in the more urban areas so we feel so excited to score such a nice one.  Plus we are still only 10 minutes from our favorite babysitter.

So as I'm sure you have figured out...we went for it!

The great thing is I will have lots of things to blog about trying to redecorate and hide the quirky aspects of the new place.  The bad, very stressful thing, is we have about 2 weeks to pack and plan for a move that as of this morning we had no idea was about to happen!!  I will try to keep up my blogging and projects but I might be a little lighter the next couple of weeks.  Wish me luck that I can get us all organized in time!


  1. How exciting! Good luck with your move!

  2. Congrats!!! The garage sounds like a dream to us crafters. :)

  3. Holy momma! 2 weeks? Good luck babe!

    PS Five Seconds From has moved and is now called
    I hope you get a chance to come say hello!

  4. Congrats on the move and good luck! We'll be moving in a few months so I'll be going through the same thing soon. Can't wait to hear all about it.