Friday, March 4, 2011

Thrifty Key

So while out thrifting I picked up this key for $2.99.  It was plastic and a yucky gold color but I knew it had potential.

 Lately I have been wanting to update my photo wall in my living room.  Currently it is very symmetrical and all pictures.

 I would like to make it a little more mixed like some of these gallery walls I have seen around blogland.

I thought this key would be a great start.  A little spray paint I had already and it was good to go.

 I also really like it when the tv is hung and incorporated into the wall art so it is less of a focal point.  Right now my tv is just on a cabinet in the corner but I am thinking of trying something similar to these.

Now I am on the hunt for a few more pieces to fun up my wall a bit.

Does anyone have any other good ideas for making your tv a little less the center of attention?

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  1. We have a fireplace, but live in the south and never use it. We put our TV right in front of the firebox. It covers it completely, like a screen. It does not show near as much and I can look at my pretty mantle all the time.