Sunday, January 2, 2011

Campaign Crazy!

I have been loving all the campaign dressers I have been seeing in the design world lately.  It started with this much blogged about green beauty in Lonny Magazine.

  Then I saw the gorgeous redo over at Emily A. Clark, 

then another in Joi’s home at Nuestra Vida Dulce. 

This got me started on my own campaign to own a campaign, (sorry cheesy).  As an already religious Craigslist searcher I added finding one to my list of daily searches.  It surprisingly didn't take that long, yesterday it happened.

Original picture from the Craigslist post
  I found not just a dresser but a matching nightstand for; I hope you’re sitting down…$30 for both!  I seriously could not call fast enough.  I thought any moment the seller would realize he had left a 0 or two off the price.  I dragged my just gone to bed, not fully functioning, husband out of bed (he works nights) and dashed over to pick them up.  They have a couple places that could use some work and the brass desperately needs to be polished but for the most part they are amazing.  Beautiful wood, amazing dovetail detailing, a brand from a famous furniture maker, I cannot contain how excited I am about this find!!  Now I have to decide what I want to do to them. Just fix the couple of blemishes and leave them as they are?  Creamy white?  A fun pop of color?  I guess they will stay as they are until I make up my mind.  Here they are in my home in all their not yet cleaned up, not styled, temporary location, glory.  Stay tuned for the reveal...once I know what I will be revealing.


  1. oh my goodness! love all your redos! great job and super fab!
    bon @drab to fab

  2. I`am a new follower and loving all I see. The chairs are beautiful, and eager to see what you do with the dresser. Congrats.

  3. Thanks so much! I am leaning towards painting them. Now just to decide on a color...

  4. Amazing! I was born and raised south of the Seattle area and there's definitely an abundance of cool furniture floating around Craigslist from the area.

    I am still desperately searching for a Campaign piece of my own. Congrats on finding one.