Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Putting the cart before the horse

Today I was out picking up some things for our trip at one of my favorite stores, Target (love, love, love!)  I was supposed to be shopping for sunscreen, some summer weight pjs for the baby, and some toys for the plane but I had to browse through the clearance items.  I mean, I was already there and everything.    While browsing I came across the cutest wall vinyl.  It was a set of four of the most fantastic and stylish chairs.  Love at first sight!

 I have a thing for chairs.  All home décor gets me excited but there is something about chairs that I just can’t get enough.  My husband has even told me no more chairs in unless I am willing to let some go.  It breaks my heart a bit but my main living space is starting to look a little like a hotel lobby.  The best thing about my find was they were marked down to three dollars and change, my kind of price! 

Now here is the thing.  I have nowhere in my house for these chairs to live.  I am debating incorporating them into some kind of gallery wall up my stairwell but I am a little worried it will look Alice in Wonderland like.  My ideal use for them would be in my workshop.  The only problem is I don’t have a workshop.  Currently I do my projects anywhere I can find the space.  My dream is to someday have a dedicated space just for all my creative endeavors.  It would need to be a shop or garage because many of my projects are not indoors appropriate, i.e. lots of spray paint.   I imagine a space with lots of storage for all my supplies and large inspiration boards to keep all my ideas.  I would want it to be colorful and inspiring, hence the great chair art.  Currently we are looking into moving into a larger home, to accommodate a larger family, and my workshop is definitely on the must have list. 

I love the Martha craft storage collection for Home Decorators!

This is not the first time I have purchased something for a space that didn’t exist yet.  I had furnished almost my entire first apartment before I even moved out on my own (storage units are great).  Same goes for most of Pyper’s nursery.  We were living in the city when we found out we were pregnant and we decided to move into the suburbs to be closer to family.  I purchased almost all of the baby’s room décor before I ever saw the space.

 I do this in part because I love a good bargain, I can’t walk away from a great deal.   But I think it is more than that.  Knowing I have the items motivates me to make my dreams happen.  Like buying a fabulous dress that’s just a little too tight when you’re trying to lose weight.  They say you should never put the cart before the horse but maybe sometimes it is the extra push you need.  At least for me, having something physical to hold on to takes my dreams from surreal to reality. 

Am I the only one guilty of this?  Any of you ever found the perfect accessory for your new home office even though the space is still masquerading as a spare bedroom?  Or bought a piece of furniture for a home addition that is still just a blueprint?  Has anyone else ever bought or made something for a space that didn’t exist anywhere but in your imagination?  

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