Friday, January 7, 2011

Hutch Update

This hutch lives in the space between my living room and my dining area.

 I love the rich color and its slim profile.  I use the upper hutch portion for both book storage (my penguin hardcover classics, LOVE!) and to display decorative items.  For a while now I have felt something was off or missing.  I decided the back was too dark and some of the items weren’t “popping” against it the way I would like them too. 

I decided to add fabric to the back of the shelves to add some visual interest.  I wanted to make them easily removable so I could change them out when I change the look of the room or if the hutch ever moves to another room.
I started by measuring the back panels.  Then I purchased 2 pieces of foam poster board and cut them to size.  I cut my fabric and just used clear packing tape to secure it after wrapping it around.  Then I was done, they just needed to be popped in.  $10 and 10 minutes and I think it gives a nice update to the hutch.  Plus I love that I can easily change it whenever I feel like it.
Have you seen the covers of the Penguin Hardcover Classics...GORGEOUS!

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