Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pyper's 1st Birthday Preparations: Part One

Almost a year already?!  You hear all the time that you should savor the moments your children are young because time flies by.  I had no idea how much truth that statement really holds.  The months I was pregnant crept by.  We could not wait to meet the little person growing in my belly.  Now that she is here the past year has felt like a whirlwind we can’t slow down.  While I am sad that my little baby is growing up I am excited to celebrate this impending milestone in style.

The theme of her party is going to be “Pyper’s Fairy Garden Party”.  It is going to be all flowers, fairies, and butterflies.  I chose this theme because I love the look of little girls in tutus and fairy wings. Also her room has a butterfly theme so I thought it was very fitting.  The main colors for the party are going to be hot pink and orange with hints of bright green.  She already has a tutu that will work perfect.

When I started searching the internet for this theme I stumbled across this great party at The TomKat Studio.  I loved all the beautiful details and will be stealing borrowing many of them for Pyper’s party. 
How great is this table?!

I am borrowing inspiration from these invites for sure!

I feel a little pressure to get all the crafty details done sooner than later.  We are going on vacation the first two weeks in February so that means there will be little time to get things done when we get back.  It’s time to get some serious crafting done.  Here is my forever growing to do list.

1.     Make invitations
2.     Make a pennant banner featuring all her month pics
3.     Make cute cupcake toppers and food signs
4.     Find a cake baker to make a cute cake with a matching smash cake for  the birthday girl
5.     Make giant paper flowers to decorate around the room
6.     Find fairy wings and a cute personalized top for Pyper
7.     Make flower pot favors
8.     Sew coordinating table cloth
9.     Make matching thanks you…always easier to do before than after
10.  Plan floral arrangements
11.  Make welcome to Pyper’s garden sign for front door
12.  Design and build curly willow arch to surround front door
13.  Debate if #12 is a little too much for a first birthday J

Yikes seeing it all written down is a little daunting.  Better go become supermom and get busy!

Also going to the Seattle Wedding Show today with a friend so I will be back with all kinds of fun party/event inspiration, and all the flowers of course!

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