Friday, January 14, 2011

Potential and Possibilities

When reading through the comments on my makeover posts one repeating theme has stood out to me.  Many of you have made comments like, “you have a great eye”, or “I would have passed that right by”, and “I never thought that chair could look like that”.  These all got me thinking.  Sometimes it can be difficult to see the potential in a piece, especially when all you can focus on is the terrible paint job or nasty upholstery.

 I thought I would try something new on Fridays.  I am going to start a reoccurring segment called Potential and Possibilities.   In it I will feature pieces I have seen on Craigslist and pair them with similar inspiration pieces that show the potential that item has.  I will try to help other people see beyond the gross, damaged and dirty to find the potential and possibilities.

I am going to give it a try for a few weeks and see what you all think.  If there is something you notice that could make it better or more helpful I would love the feedback.

image 2161058418-2

$35.  This mirror has a great ornate shape.  I think a coat of a brightly colored spray paint would make it fantastic!

This similar Horchow Rococo retails for $498!

This twin bed is $25!  This bed would look great just refinished white or a fun color.  I think upholstered panels could make it really stand out.  Trimmed in nail head would make it very polished and elegant looking. 

A graphic bright print would make this great in a kids room.

For $30 this chair could easily be made to be a show stopper.

Here are some examples of fun colors and fabrics.


This bar cart is $10.

I would spray paint it in a chrome finish and replace the shelves with mirrored circles. (available really cheap at craft stores in several different sizes)

I hope these give you some ideas and inspire you to take a second look and see the potential.


  1. A great reminder on hidden potential! Those chairs could definitely be made over to be gorgeous... I tackled one that was almost identical here:

  2. Great idea! I love the idea behind the post! I hope you continue it.

  3. @JOY

    Thanks so much. I had fun doing it so I plan on keeping it up!