Sunday, January 9, 2011

Party planning and penguins

Today we took our daughter for her first trip to the zoo.  It was chilly outside but we were bundled up and ready for fun. 

Pyper bundled and ready to go!

 It was surprisingly busy for a chilly January morning.  If you ever come to Seattle the Woodland Park Zoo is a must see. 

 I realized today I am no nature photographer so these pics are courtesy of their website.  The zoo is a really good size and takes a few hours to see everything.  They have so many different animals and their habitats are all really lush and beautiful.  No big chain link fences in sight.  

There are a ton of things for kids of all ages.  We played in the Zoomazium,

Pyper has no fear, she loved the big slide!

 fed tropical birds,

It was kinda crazy, birds everywhere, even landing on my husband's head.

 pet bunnies at the Family Farm, 

I wanted to take one home with me.  Anyone have a house bunny?

and rode the vintage carousel. 

My husband rode with her on the carousel.  ANYTHING that spins makes me sooo nauseas.

 Pyper really enjoyed seeing all the animals.  It was fun watching her reaction when she would see a new animal for the first time.  Lots of coos and shrill screams.  She really loved the exhibits with under water viewing areas.
We all loved the penguins!

 I think a trip to the aquarium is next on our list!  It was nice to spend a day outside with my family.  It is easy in the winter to feel a bit cooped up inside.  I think the fresh ( chilly) air was a nice change to our usual indoor activities.

I also got to work on Pyper's Party invites.  It involved lots of searching for graphics online and tweaking them in paint to fit my color scheme.  I think I am getting close to being ready to print and start assembling and embellishing.  Here is a sneak peek, pretty close to my inspiration invite if I do say so myself!

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