Thursday, January 13, 2011

Capturing the moment

I LOVE photo booths.  My favorite are the old school B&W ones, but I will jump into any booth I see.  I love that photo booths always bring out kisses and funny faces in people.  As a result my friends and husband have been dragged into many spontaneous photo shoots over the years.  We even had a photo booth at our wedding.  We had a ton of fun props and it was a hit with all our guests.
As a result of my love, okay obsession, there are several photo strips hanging around my house.  I decided it would be a fun project to frame a few documenting the progression of my husband and I's life together.  Sorry for the kinda crappy pics.  I forgot to take pictures before I dropped them off at the frame shop so these were taken through the glass.

This was taken when we were first dating.  I was waayy over flat ironing my hair and Callum had an interesting Spiked up thing going on.

This was a couple years later.  Funny we didn't realize we were doing the exact same poses as the earlier one.  Must have been some subconscious thing from looking at it in our room everyday.

From our wedding.  My husband has such a baby face when he's freshly shaved.  I hope he ages like Brad Pitt.

With our precious Pyper a few months ago.  The third pic down looks like our everyday life.  Her trying to squirm away while we smother her in kisses.

Here they are all framed up.  I love it.  

I am planning on dragging my family into photo booths forever.  I imagine an entire wall display someday documenting my kids growing up and Callum and I getting old and wrinkly.   I love the idea of capturing little moments of time in our lives, the silly smiles and goofy grins are just a bonus.


  1. Awww, I love it. How sweet! I really like the one with your baby. Makes me want to starting jumping into photo booths! Cute blog!