Monday, January 3, 2011


Have you seen the A&E show Hoarders?  I think TLC might have their own version now too.  It basically follows people who cannot let anything go.  Is it terrible that sometimes as they are interviewing the people I can relate to what they are saying?  They buy because it was on sale, or even better something was free.  Or they really believe they will find a use for the item.  I definitely have these tendencies with certain items myself. Now I am by no means a Hoarder.  I have no problem purging and do so often with clothing, domestic items, unused electronics, etc.  My home is very neat and clutter free except if you look in one spot.

  My crafting closet. 
What an embarrassing disaster!

 I have a small problem holding on to all things crafty.  Paper, fabric, ribbon, I cannot let it go because I just know I will find a use for it.  The problem for me too is that often I do reuse items.  This just validates me that I am right in holding on to EVERYTHING.  I feel bad throwing out a perfectly good piece of (insert anything crafts related) that I spent our hard earned money on. 
 Yikes, I just had one of those moments when I feel really old. 
Anyways, when do you draw the line on what to keep and what to toss?  When do you go from having a good supply to having too much?  This is a continuous struggle for me that I am determined to tackle in the New Year.
Something about putting away all the Christmas decorations makes me want to purge, organize and de-clutter my whole house.  Usually when it comes to my craft supplies I just try to come up with new ways to organize it and cram it all in.  This year though I pledge that I will not just organize but prioritize what I need and what I am just afraid to get rid of.  It is time, plus I am tired of my husband calling out “Hoarder!”, every time I drag another bag of, he says crap scraps, I say supplies upstairs.

*On a side note, does anyone else also have a problem holding on to shopping bags?  If a shop gives me a “nice” bag i.e. thick, pretty, fabric handles.  I always immediately think I should save this.  What is with that?  Time to let the bags go…but maybe I’ll save the beautiful ribbon from the handles of the Loft holiday bags.  Baby steps people.  Baby steps.

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  1. Craft hoarding is getting to be a big problem in my house too. I can't throw out anything that I think might be used for some project in the there's all my half-finished projects that I got bored or frustrated with. Here's the beginning of me trying to organize, but even now, there's so much more!