Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Incident

Today I had one of those mommy days that is going to stay with me forever.

I have been a mom for nearly one year and I can say it has been much easier than I thought it would be.  I don't know if it is because I was a nanny in college or that my child has a very happy disposition but I have never really felt overwhelmed in the new mother process.  (I know a lot of people might be rolling their eyes but just wait for what's coming next.)  Today "the Incident" blew that out of the water.

I was at the mall with my mother and Pyper doing some last minute vacation shopping and my day was perfectly ordinary.  We had lunch, bought some things, Pyper was in a great mood and then It happened.  In the middle of American Eagle my daughter threw up.

Not a little spit up, not even a big throw up, a full on projectile Exorcist disaster.

It looked something like this ( don't you love my amazing skills in paint? I know, masterpiece)

In moments her whole body was saturated, her stroller looked like she was swimming in throw up and the floor was covered.  I dunked (not even exaggerating) my hands into her stroller to release her straps as quickly as I could and picked her up.  Now not only is my child head to toe vomit, but now my entire front side matches her.  I was completely overwhelmed.  There I was standing in the middle of a packed store during weekend shopping covered in filth, holding my not crying but pathetic looking child and I had no idea what to do.  I ended up using my jacket as a make shift towel and had to strip Pyper naked in the middle of the store.  Then I went across the way to Gymboree to buy her a new outfit while my mom bought me a new shirt at American Eagle.  I think we felt like we needed to buy something there since we just turned their store into a horror movie.  Pyper found the experience exhausting and proceeded to take a nap within 10 minutes of the whole thing happening.  I on the other hand was completely distraught and panicked.  Between trying to figure out how to get our disgusting clothes and stroller home without making the car smell for weeks and calling her pediatrician to get to the bottom of what caused it in the first place I was a mess.

 I finally get it.  When Pyper was born people I knew who were already parents were always making jokes about what I was in for, telling me how challenging and overwhelming it can be.  I always knew what they were saying was true but I didn't KNOW it until today.  My mom says I finally had my initiation.

Today reminded me that no matter how prepared I try to be I can't plan for everything.  Life is going to throw me curve balls and I just have to roll with it.  At least I have a good story to embarrass Pyper with when she gets older.  The pediatrician says Pyper most likely just caught a stomach bug and that most children recover in 12-24 hours. She is already back to her perfect happy self like nothing ever happened. Maybe this was all just a bad dream...wait...just saw the laundry....definitely a nightmare.


  1. Hi Nicole....Sorry, but I was laughing when reading this. Just brings back memories...LOL! I can't tell you how many times we'ved detoured to a clothing store to buy new outfits for "issues"...Yours was the first of many to come. :)

    Thank goodness your mother was with you. I think you'd be in more of a panic if you were alone....

    Thanks for stopping by my blog....

    Have a great rest of the weekend...


  2. Nicole, I've dropped in from the swap party and your story makes me know I need to follow you! Let me assure you that this will not be your only experience with "throw up in public"! My Nicole (who is now 36) threw up in the back seat of our car when she was about two ... and we just traded the car off! Your family is adorable ... and you sound like a great mom and wife! Hope you'll drop by to visit my site. Nice to meet you!