Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From tools to bows, a mini makeover

My husband knows I love all things design and fashion.  He also knows how much I enjoy my furniture projects. For one of my Christmas gifts this year he managed to merge the two.  He got me two of the Cynthia Rowley tool sets!  If you didn't know she has a whole line of gorgeous tools.  I am now on my way to collecting them all.  I love them,  the prints are amazing!  Also they are really heavy duty while still being smaller for a more feminine hand.

This is one of the sets I received

Both sets came in their own roll up bag.  I found that I could easily fit all the tools into one.

So then the question became what should I do with the other holder?  I couldn't just toss it.  I think we established my crafting hoarding tendencies in this post.  I decided to transform it into an accessories holder for my daughter, Pyper.  We are going on vacation in a few weeks and she has a lot of hair bows and sunglasses ( we are headed for the sun, yay!) that need to get packed and not damaged.  This was a super simple and easy makeover.  It literally took 5 minutes to sew a few ribbons in and I was done.   No time and free, my favorite kind of projects!

Here it is with just a few of her accessories, her collection is a little out of control!

All rolled up and ready to go.

I also did a little work on Pyper's Party.  The invites are almost ready to go.  Today I took the envelopes from blah to beautiful!  I just lined them with a little wrapping paper.  I think it makes them look much more fun.


And on a different note, my husband and I were inside watching the news and saw everyone around us was getting snow. We were talking about how lucky we were to be missed and then realized neither one of us had checked outside ( the curtains were closed).  Well I am sure you guessed it, but it was snowing!  So hopefully it melts away and we are not snowed in tomorrow.

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