Wednesday, January 12, 2011

God Save the Queen

My husband Callum is from England.  Outside of working on a cruise ship (how we met) he has lived in England his whole life.  Moving to the States to marry me was an extremely generous decision on his part.  He moved away from family, friends, his precious football team, favorite foods, basically his life so he could start a new one with me.  Now while Skype (amazing!) and the mail system has been able to keep some people and things a constant in his life I know there are some things from home he misses.  As a result I want to put bits of England around our home so it reminds him of his home.  Also now that we have a daughter I want her to know that side of herself and feel proud of her dual citizenship status.  The challenge becomes how do you put a collection of similarly themed items in your home without creating a themed house?  

I have found some ideas and inspiration that might work.

CLC Living Union Jack Chest of Drawers CLC Living Designs Featured on Achica Website this Week at Reduced Prices

The Union jack is a very popular design in home decor.  I think a dresser like this could be very cool in an entry.  Also it would be a really fun DIY project.

Karen Hilton Designs at Etsy
Here is another way to bring in the Union Jack but in a much more subtle color palette.

These posters are EVERYWHERE lately.  Originally they were flyers posted around England during WWII.  I think one is coming into my home in the very near future.

style at

This pillow I LOVE.  The flower in the center is a thistle, the official flower of Scotland.  My mother-in-law is from Scotland and Callum still has a lot of family there.

hunters Interiors

I think this chair is very fun and Callum always loves a Union Jack chair when he has seen them in my design magazines.  He says he needs one for his man throne.  I don't know if my house would be able to make this color palette work though. It, when combined with other English things, I think crosses the line into "theme" room.
fabulous furniture uk
This one is a little more our house friendly.  Plus if I DIYed it I could do something similar in creams and whites. 

room u  uk

This is a rug!!  I think the color, print, and postage stamp edge are fantastic.  I think it looks fabulous as a wall hanging.  If I had this I don't think I could ever let dirty shoes come near it.

Subway art has really taken off in the design world.  I think this print featuring the London subway could be fun.

Tea Lover mini screenprint card set
Mr. PS etsy
These cards are too cute and I think would look great framed as a collection in my kitchen.  To say Callum is a tea addict is a huge understatement.  He is English though, so aren't they all?

And finally this is one item that will ABSOLUTELY not be finding  itself into my home.  Seriously?!

I hope I can work my husband and my daughter's heritage into our home in a way that is cohesive with our existing decor.  If you ever come to Seattle and find my home on a tour map then you will know I went too far!

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